June 30, 2011, 2:50 pm
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I really enjoyed reading Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse. Lisa decided to give up processed sugar for six months in an attempt to get closer to God. She admits that she faltered a few times, but kept her promise.
I liked the idea of going without to let God in. I have found myself in the spot where Lisa was. The feeling of “Why now, why me?”
Lisa gave up sweets in an attempt to draw closer to God. She found that she was not alone. As she shared her journey with those around her, she was able to open up to others in a more effective manner. Lisa thought she was living the good life by living God’s word.
Lisa wrote, “Then I began fasting from sweets, and suddenly I started having trouble being good. I started having a lot of trouble being good. Wherever I turned, I was making mistakes, hurting people, being misunderstood, and making a mess of things. This didn’t make sense, because I was still trying to behave in the same careful way I had always behaved.”
I think it is this change in awareness that allowed Lisa to enhance her relationship with God, as she was able to understand what it meant to be humble. I don’t intend to indicate that Lisa was self-righteous. I just think that she was able to examine her life once she stepped out of a comfort zone.


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