July 25, 2011, 2:09 pm
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I don’t know why I find the world of fine cuisine so fascinating. I have never had a meal at a three-star restaurant, heck not even a two star restaurant. I have had meals at slightly upscale restaurants, but none that served six course meals. I think that is why I was compelled to read Rick Tramonto’s “Scars of a Chef.” Tramonto shares his journey of becoming a chef from starting out working at a Wetndy’s restaurant as a teenager to having a series of his own restaurants. Tramonto discovered at an early age what he wanted to do and gathered the information he needed by observing and rolling up his sleeves when the opportunity presented itself.

During this journey that has spanned over thirty years, Tramonto found himself struggling in his personal life a time or two. He stepped back from his professional life and explored what needed to be done to change his circumstances.

As said earlier, I don’t know much about fine cuisine. I did not find any of the recipes included in the book compelling enough to make. But I liked Tramonto’s story of moving up through the ranks of the restaurant world.


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