August 24, 2011, 5:05 pm
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I really enjoyed reading Bob Waliszewski’s book Plugged-in Parenting. This book is geared for parents of teenagers, but I felt that there was enough information to keep in mind as my sons grow older.

Mr. Waliszewski is director of Plugged-in, an organization that reviews media from a Christian standpoint.  While Mr. Waliszewski cautions parents to be aware of what media is influencing their children, he is in favor of the strides that technology has made. He seems to be in favor of DVRs, mainly because commercials, often containing PG-13 material unsuitable for children, can be fast-forwarded through.  The Internet is also useful to research homework assignments.

Mr. Waliszewski is in favor of turning off these devices and reading book or spending time outside instead. He has to acknowledge the presence of technology in our everyday life. I wish more people promoted this view of turning off machines. True, I have posted this review on the Internet, but I think that I spend more time reading and with my family than I do engrossed in technology. My husband and I, for budget purposes, canceled our satellite subscription last winter and now have our television hooked up to an antenna. This means that we often only get two channels, one of which is the local weather station. This means that our two sons will spend more time playing and less time in front of the tv. Unless of course a Bob the Builder video or DVD is allowed.

I appreciate the effort that Mr. Waliszewski has made with his company and will probably visit his website to read some of his material. I think that it can be difficult to separate ourselves completely from the media world, but I believe that having a strong awareness of what exists is essential.


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