The Shadow of your Smile review
July 1, 2012, 7:49 pm
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I loved Susan May Warren’s novel  The Shadow of Your Smile. Eli and Noelle Hueston have been married for 25 years. They have faced an immeasurable loss from which they have not recovered. This loss falls aside when Noelle hits her head after falling on some black ice and lapses into a coma. When she recovers, she cannot remember the last twenty-five years. She does not remember Eli or their two sons. This allows Eli the chance to reconnect with his wife. He becomes the husband he was not following their loss.

Noelle becomes the wife Eli missed. She bakes again, discovering recipes that the family used to enjoy. She joins Eli at their youngest son’s basketball games. But she starts to have memories of what is missing. Her daughter, who was murdered during a robbery at the gas station where she worked.

Susan May Warren writes in the back section of the book, titled A Note from the Author, “What if you could reset your life?. . . . I’ve met women who have lost their children, and their wounds are deep and abiding. I myself have lost four children to miscarriage. That dark place of grief made me wonder—would it be better to start over, or would the joy of the memories be worth the pain?” I can identify with this feeling of loss. I take joy in the two children that I have, but I will always mourn the three lives that were not viable. Noelle, according to the author, moves forward from her dark space, discovering “maybe the key to going forward with her life was simply being grateful for it.”

I found the authors in this book extremely relatable. They were dealing with extreme darkness and were starting to enter the light again so that they could move on with their lives.


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