July 4, 2012, 4:37 pm
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In the end, it is all about grace. The two main characters in Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Ann Baumbich lose sight of their core selves and have to find their way home.  They learn valuable lessons about themselves and each other during this journey.

Sasha Davis was a professional ballerina until an accident sidelined her career. She is in need of an assistant at home. She finds one in Evelyn Burt, an energetic nineteen-year-old.  These two women come into each other’s lives at a time when a healing process needs to take place. Evelyn has fallen in love and has put aside her plans to attend college after becoming engaged. Her parents do not support this decision.  Evelyn decides to become self-sufficient and puts herself out for hire. She mows yards, runs errands, and delivers groceries, among other small jobs. One day she responds to an ad in the newspaper for a temporary live-in aide. Room and board are included, so, “in her usual impulsive style, without giving it another thought, she called the number.” Impulsiveness  pays off and the job is hers.

Evelyn tells her employer after a short meal-time prayer, “Grace covers it all. Easy-schmeasy and amen.” Sasha is a little surprised. After all, grace hasn’t done anything for her lately. But then the healing begins. Healing that comes into her life by way of an intelligent teenager who, like a lot of us at that age, is starting out on the road of becoming. I don’t remember much about how I acted at nineteen, but I do remember how magical an age it was at the time. Sasha is on a road of becoming, too, at the end of her career.

It took me a while to enjoy the characters. As I said, nineteen is a ways behind me now, so I had trouble getting a clear picture of Evelyn. Do nineteen year olds really talk like this? I wondered more than once. But I kept coming back to that phrase about grace. Grace leads us back home to who we really are. To quote the famous hymn, grace “has brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.”


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