God Code
July 29, 2012, 2:15 pm
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I hate it when I am halfway through a book and I realize that I should be paying better attention because the point is eluding me.  That is what has been happening with Kasey Van Norman’s book Named by God. Ms. Van Norman makes the statement that each of us is born with a God code, a strand of spiritual DNA that hardwires us to know and serve something  bigger than themselves.

She makes good points by using examples from her own life, as well as the lives of individuals from the Bible. King David, Job, Adam, and Paul are all characters that are used to bolster her point. King David did many good things, but he did not always act in his own best interest. Job was put to a test by God and Satan. Adam did not follow the Lord’s warning about the fruit tree. Paul was a loud opponent of the early Christian church. I understand the importance of using these examples, but I had a hard time following the examples from the author’s own life. I felt lost at these moments.

We push away from God when we, like Job, are working through the pain of human existence. I should clarify, of course. Very few of us can compare to Job, but we understand human pain. On p. 50, Ms. Van Norman writes, “As we press on through our hurt, [H]e bears our grief right along with us.” As I get older, I realize the truth behind this statement. I have not had an easy time with pregnancies. I lost three pregnancies before the first trimester came to an end. With the two that lasted, I had to take medicine to sustain them for the first trimester and then spend the last trimester on bed rest. I’ll admit this was not easy, not the way things are supposed to be. I was not patient at times. But now, now, I know it was worth it.

Was God there? Just like that poster of the two set of footprints with one set disappearing. God carried me through that period. Are there any certainties? Just God’s word.


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