August 10, 2012, 8:04 pm
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I loved Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira’s book Grumble Hallelujah. In the book, Ms. Rivadeneira describes the process of learning to be grateful for her life, even when all she can manage is a grumble.

This process starts with Caryn laying on her kitchen floor crying about how her life isn’t supposed to be this way.She is supposed to live the life she had, where she and her husband don’t have financial difficulty, where her parents stay married. I found an ally in Caryn, as I’m sure other readers did. Who among us hasn’t at some time or another whined, “It’s not supposed to be like this.” Maybe whine is an unfair term, but I’m sure we all have been there. I know I have.

Caryn covers a lot in her book, from jealousy issues to issues of fear. I found myself wishing I could meet her to discuss this book. I imagined that we would find a lot of common ground. Especially after I found out that she likes Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I spent childhood summers near there, so I am familiar with what is enchanting about the town.



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