August 16, 2012, 8:42 am
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There is one line that has remained with me after reading Janice Cantore’s book Accused. Detective Carly Edwards lost her father to cancer five years ago. She has a hard time accepting that God would take him away. Her ex-husband tells her, “I know you miss him. I know it doesn’t seem fair. But everyone dies, Carly, whether it’s cancer, a traffic accident, or going to sleep and never waking up.” As a detective, Carly has seen her share of death, whether from gunfire or car accidents, but her father’s death hit too close to home. Carly finds peace with herself and God following a mountain-top retreat and the death of a close friend.

I was struck by what Nick says to Carly. It’s true. We all have this idea that we’re going to live long lives and die in our sleep surrounded by our families. Some of us do. My husband’s grandparents were married for just over seventy years when his grandmother passed away. Some of us don’t. One of our neighbors has pancreatic cancer. All sorts of treatments are available for that. . . . but it was discovered too late for those to be an option for her. On Facebook, I learn that someone from my hometown, whom is younger than me, has passed away. A telephone call to my parents reveals that he was hit by a car. So now, I feel a little like Carly. Why him? There’s a passage in the Bible that says that God knits us into our mother’s womb. He knows what our future holds.




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